Welcome to the web platform of the Qualitative Transparency Deliberations (QTD), sponsored by the APSA's Organized Section for Qualitative and Multi-Method Research.

The QTD began in the spring of 2016 with a consultative, agenda-setting process via the Stage 1 discussion board on this site. (For more information about the process’s origins and objectives, ‪‪please click here‬‬‬.) ‬‬‬‬‬‬‬In light of the input received during Stage 1, the Steering Committee then launched Stage 2 of the QTD by creating a set of specialized Working Groups to lead differentiated deliberations on a wide range of topics.

Each Working Group is now hosting its own discussion forum on this platform to gather input from interested research communities. We invite all political scientists to join conversations here about the meaning and objectives of research openness; the conditions under which particular transparency practices are feasible, appropriate, or beneficial; and the tradeoffs between transparency and other values. While some Groups are focused on specific kinds or contexts of qualitative research, others are undertaking a broad examination of the ethics, epistemology, or politics of transparency.

Please select from the "Participate and Follow" dropdown menu within the red banner above to contribute to or follow the Working Groups' deliberations or to review the posts from the agenda-setting Stage 1. Please fill out the short registration form to post "on the record." If you prefer to contribute without attribution, you may post without logging in. Anonymous posts will appear only after moderator review.

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